Who we are

BFFS LOGO 2012 (lrg)


Magpie Cinema is a community cinema initiative in the Calder Valley, West Yorkshire.

We aim to open-up new ways to access and experience a wide-range of films; from cult movies to silent classics, from documentaries to art house films. Magpie Cinema aims to support all of these passions and then some…

We believe cinema is a social event, a vital aspect of vibrant communities, an experience and a celebration of the history, artistry and magic of the moving image.

Email us at magpiecinemagroup@gmail.com

Find us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/MagpieCinema

Follow us on Twitter @MagpieCinema

Get involved

We function as a ‘pop-up’ cinema, begging, borrowing and sometimes hiring the equipment needed to screen films across a range of venues.

Please get in touch if you can contribute:  knowledge; skills; equipment; time; energy; ideas.


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